Cargos are not always the same. It varies in almost every aspects of its identity. Distinctions from size to its nature, from degree of handling requirements to the point of its availability at a certain time and at a certain place. Here in Equiglobal Logistics Corporation ( ELC ), these variations were never considered as a drawback but rather a challenge so as not to compromise the equal personalize and professional quality service that each cargo deserve, because at Equiglobal Logistics Corporation ( ELC ) all cargo matters.

Equiglobal Logistics Corporation is formerly S.K. Guiamano Cargo Services Corporation engaged in the cargo movement industry since 1977. We are motivated to constantly provide our clients with our professional and personalized quality services. These services are manifested through the time, manner and state of every cargo we manage base on every client’s preference.

In 1990 driven by our desire to meet the ever-changing comprehensive business requirements of small to large scale local & international trade players in the phase of logistics, we have continuously evolve our products and services, from customs clearance and brokerage services to international and domestic air and sea freight forwarding, NVOCC, break bulk agency, cargo consolidation to cargo pick up & delivery & project handling.

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